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My passion is writing fiction for young people. I am currently working on a series of stories set in 17th Century London. The first one follows the adventures of 14 year-old illusionist Flick Cutler after she finds herself trapped in a cellar with a dead body as the Great Fire of London takes hold of the city around her. I am over the moon that this has just won the 2021 WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award! I was very pleased that it was shortlisted in the Bath Children’s Novel Award and longlisted in the Flash500 Novel Opening Award.

I am hoping to follow this with a sequel that takes places six months after the Great Fire of London. This story will rejoin Flick and her best friend Fairfax on a hunt for King John’s lost treasure!

I was also really pleased to have been long-listed in the 2017 Bath Children’s Novel Award with my adventure fiction Voxmort: The Stone of Death which is about a boy who discovers he can talk to dead people when his murdered Geography teacher asks him to find the person that killed her.

I enjoyed writing a series of adventure stories called Alea which features 14 year-olds Jennie and James who become the unwitting masters of a game that controls the fate of their loved ones. When the Shadow takes over, they find themselves in a race against time to save the city they love. See the links below if you are interested in reading more.

I have also written one adult fiction novel called Blue Murder which is about Raymond – a man who gets away with killing his mother.

Click on the links below and do please get in touch if you would like to read any of my work.


Voxmort: The Stone of Death

Alea: The Thirteenth Gate
Alea: The Darkness
Alea: London’s Shadow

Blue Murder

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