Alea: London’s Shadow

Six months after The Darkness, Sky and Toby find themselves facing their greatest danger yet.

In order to survive, they must travel through the streets of 16th Century London to steal a painting from The Tower whilst Anne Boleyn is being executed; they must chase Jack the Ripper through the dirty streets of the 19th Century and swim across a rat infested Thames during the Great Fire of London.

All this to save the ones they love and liberate London from the clutches of pure evil.

Sky caught the unmistakable sight of a burning torch flickering in the distance. Warm yellow light danced its way up and across the wall ahead. It was playful, skittish: inviting. Sky was both relieved and terrified by the appearance of this new light. On the one hand, it signified the end of the darkness of the tunnel. On the other, it was the herald of the beginning of a much greater Darkness towards which they must now stumble.

Alea: London’s Shadow is the third book in the ‘Alea’ series in which the two Games Masters must participate in a Game that controls the lives of its twelve unwitting participants.

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