The following plays are available for performance. ‘Local News’ and ‘The Goodbridge Million’ can be purchased from Lazy Bee Scripts.

Local News

This play is set in the small town of Taviscombe where very little happens. As a result the local newspaper team has little to report and the local constabulary has few criminals to catch. Eager to obtain national fame and fortune and regain something of their lost reputations the respective heads of these two organisations set about planning their own misdemeanour. Sadly, and unbeknown to each other, both teams mastermind the same fool-proof plan for Taviscombe‚Äôs largest ever robbery. A mixture of their complete incompetence, terrible timing and a traitorous common denominator leaves them with yet another failed initiative in their repertoire of disaster.

The Goodbridge Million

A comedy set in the rural village community of Goodbridge.

The plot is simple: Goodbridge village receives a donation of one million pounds with the condition that it be spent according to the villagers’ wishes. The council, working with the press, invites the villagers to come forward and propose ideas for the money. They are then encouraged to vote for their favourite idea and the money is spent accordingly but with so many good ideas, the only problem is who to vote for; the new church organ? An extension to the primary school? Or the World Scrabble Tournament?

School Resources

I have also written a number of short play scripts for use in schools. These include a one-hour play involving 25 characters in which a school hurriedly and disastrously prepares for an Ofsted inspection. These can be viewed here and I am very happy to share these if you would like. Just contact me.

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