Murder Mysteries

These murder mysteries are designed to take place over an evening with friends. They make for a really fun evening’s entertainment over dinner or drinks. They encourage logical thinking, cunning and  deception.

They are designed to compliment an evening’s entertainment and can be amended by the host as they see fit. The great thing about these murder mysteries is that there is no formal ‘turn-taking’ required. You simply set it up by following the instructions and let your guests enjoy the challenge!

Let me know if you’d like to host your own evening – I’d be happy to share the packs with you. I could also offer a ‘bespoke’ package if you would like to tailor any of these mysteries to your guests, numbers and requirements. Just get in touch and let me know what you’re after!

The Seance

Coming soon… a murder mystery set in 1926.

Exactly ten years after the tragic death of Amelia, a nurse in the trenches of the First World War, the Peacefield family reunite to arrange a seance to contact her. When things take a turn for the worse, the truth about Amelia’s death begins to unravel.

The Shanghai Times

Shanghai, 1926 and editor Jimmy O’Dell of The Shanghai Times is running with a front page exposé of the gun smuggling rumours that lead all the way to Maximilian Hardcastle. In an attempt to quash the rumours, Maximilian hosts a dinner party. Diplomats, actresses, socialites… Just about anyone who’s anyone needs to be there…

The Funeral

Christmas at Heathstone Manor is a grand and socially significant occasion for those that get invited. Unfortunately, this year’s celebrations are delayed until New Year’s Eve so as to coincide with the hastily arranged wake organised for Sir Thomas Harvey Thomas’ wife who so inconsiderately died as the first guests were arriving.

The guests, looking forward to a private viewing of Waterhouse’s ‘The Lady of Shallot’ which is returned to the Manor every year for the festivities, do not expect it to go missing during a power cut. Nor do they expect to have to solve the mystery of who murdered Dr. Goettenburg!

This murder mystery is designed to take place during the course of an evening – a cocktail and poker night would be fitting, although not essential. Guests are required to read a short story and prepare their character before arrival.

Stages of Murder

This New Year’s Eve themed murder mystery is designed to take place during the course of an evening. Guests are invited to read a short story and prepare their character before arrival.

Felicity Dixon, an actress as beautiful as she was famous, is shot between the eyes on stage during the opening night of the grand opening of the Theatre Royale – the first theatre to be built after the end of the war. The play was cancelled, the reviews were sensational and the Satin Ruby was missing. The action for the murder mystery takes place six months later at a New Year’s Eve party organised by the play’s director. Only one of the guests knows that the murderer intends to strike again.

Pub Mystery

A murder mystery that can be done in 1 hour, without costumes or props, during a night out in the pub. A land-lord calls a meeting to iron-out some house-keeping grumbles. He doesn’t expect the murder.

The Committee

This murder mystery can take place at any time decided by the host – it is perfectly possible, for example, to conduct this over lunch, although more extravagant dinner parties are equally plausible.

The setting is the expectedly mundane meeting of the Granary Parish Council. However, when one of the councillors falls dead, foul play is suspected.

The murderer knows who s/he is from the beginning and is encouraged to mislead. A unanimous decision by the guests must be reached. A wrong verdict could prove fatal…

Exe Murderer

A murder mystery designed to take place over a couple of hours at a dinner party. Props and costumes can be provided by guests at their discretion. Reginald Reynolds hadn’t intended to get murdered on his 50th birthday and no one knows where the lump of chalk came from.

If you would like to try a murder mystery pack, please get in touch via that Contact Me page.

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