Alea: The Thirteenth Gate

Jennie and James are two inseparable 13 year olds who find themselves the accidental Games Masters of Dodecadento’s Game.

Whilst playing in the snow in the grounds of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, they are drawn through the door that never opens. Behind it, they discover a secret tower of the college that hides the Game.

Silence. Absolute, still and terrifying. The sudden cessation of the floor’s movement flung them forward onto hands and knees. Breathless from their battle with the shapeless beast, they panted, finding themselves splayed out at the bottom of the steps. Slowly becoming aware of the familiar darkness, JJ noticed that this wasn’t absolute – one placidly burning torch burnt delicately to draw them up the stairs to the gallery.

Once a part of the Game, JJ are required to make twelve decisions at random. These become the decisions that twelve of their nearest and dearest will be fated to take in one of twelve randomly selected locations in and around Cambridge. At the roll of a dice, each round is played out with surprising and terrifying effects: from the old baby-sitter who finds romance in front of Great St Mary’s church to the death of an ambulance driver in the Hills Road disaster. The consequences are as varied as they are inevitable.

It is a game that JJ quickly realise is not as fun as it looked but participation is not optional.

Read more about the second book of the ‘Alea’ series at: Alea: The Darkness.

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