William Baker is 14 and he can see dead people, which is news to him.

When he sneaks into his school library in the early hours of Monday morning, he is surprised to see the dead body of his geography teacher Miss Jenkins sprawled out on the floor. He is even more surprised to see Miss Jenkins standing next to him looking down at the blood spilling from her head.

I didn’t know I could talk to dead people until my geography teacher asked me to catch the person that had killed her. She stood next to me in the library as I looked down at the blood spilling from her head. It looked like she’d been hit from behind. A large brass candle-stick lay to one side, half hidden by the shadow of a bookcase. She’d been hit very hard. It didn’t take a genius to work that out.

When Miss Jenkins asks William to find the person that has killed her, she starts a chain of events that will bind William to the discovery of Odin’s Stone of Death: a rock that tethers the dead to the world of the living.

For hundreds of years, Odin’s Stone of Death has lain hidden, deep in the abandoned mines of the North Icelandic fjords. William soon realises that only by destroying the stone will he be able to uncover the truth about Miss Jenkins’ murder and stop The Army of the Dead from rising against the living.

Voxmort is the story of 14 year old orphan William Baker and his journey into the heart of the Welsh mountainside. In order to save the world from the dead, he must destroy the stone and avoid the assassin who has been sent to kill him.

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