School Resources

These short plays are designed to encourage young people into drama and can be used to compliment classroom teching. If you would like to read or use them, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Me‘ page.

Fire Drill

This play is designed to be rehearsed and performed by a whole drama class with 25 characters involved over 25 short scenes that can be performed in about 1 hour.

The students of St Jude’s suspect that their teachers are up to no good so when the OFSTED inspectors arrive, the fire alarm is the last thing that the teachers need – especially with what they’ve got to hide in the staffroom. With chaos reigning and 9T having been “lost” in the conservation area for several days, a well-coordinated group of students set about exposing the truth behind their missing science homework.

The Short Story

A short play for Drama activities which encourage students to write the final scene to complete the story of the lost Duke of Edinburgh team who stumble across the secret warehouse of exam papers.

Chaos in Never Ever Land

A short script designed to teach the conventions of pantomime which encourages students to write the final scene. What has happened to Jack’s beanstalk? Will Cinderella’s marriage be stopped in time?

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